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3: My stuff



This is a briefing of the staff I have created and I sell for my own astronomy needs here and there. You can find many more interesting things in the online shop these links take you to.














1: Thankful words     2: Useful links     3: My stuff




2: Useful links



These are some of the astronomy websites I found very useful and they could also be for you. I include here blogs and personal websites. They are related to high resolution planetary work mainly, which is my niche of interest.









1: Thankful words     2: Useful links     3: My stuff




1: Thankful words



Thank you for coming here and having a look. I hope you found your Creator in these pages... or at least an expression of Himself in the hidden details. He is Love, and it is inevitable the imprint of His hand on this Universe always be fiery and drenched in passion... just as love is. For Love you were created, and out of Love you were created. Love is the expression of your true you, and nothing can really exist apart from Love. This is my hope: In this world we suffer affliction, but Love has defeated the world (Gospel of John 16:33).



Shulamite Ministries

I came to know these brothers and sisters and their unrelenting pursuit of Jesus Christ. "Adoration" and "All and Only" manuscripts are a must read.








Cloudynights™ FORUM

This huge community of learned and unlearned amateurs always kind of reflect the spirit of colaboration and curiosity that is behind the endeavour of astronomy and science. Hurray for them and all those similar forums all around the globe.










Isaac Jiménez (technical guy)

My friend Isaac is a computer genius and he is the responsible for this website hosting and technical issues. He hosts an array of websites and he has been along with his family the main supporters of, the most well known Christian debate site in spanish language since the dawn of the internet era. He can be reached in Thank you BRO!

















Martin Lewis from

This gentleman does amazing timelapse 180º night videos. He was kind enough to let me use one of them for FREE!!! The least I could do is to mention him and his amazing work. The video you see HERE as background is the one I talk about.

Nikon Abbe Orthoscopic 17mm (Microscope eyepieces!)

In my search for a matched eyepiece to my telescope to do high resolution planetary pictures, I began to collect many eyepieces. This is one of those oportunities to get good affordable glass. You also may need 30 to 1,25" adapters (here).









Pentax/cosmicar C-mount surveillance lenses (like those in Zion)

In my search for high resolution and fast lenses as secundary telescopes on Zion, I also came to collect some good CCTV lenses that I have cleaned and tested and now I also offer.





High resolution: Damian Peach

High resolution images from the living legend.


High resolution: Emil Kraaikamp

More high resolution images and legendary software Autostakkert! author.


High resolution: Christian Viladrich

More high resolution images.


High resolution: Thierry Legault

More high resolution images.


High resolution: Darryl / Milika

Two of the most active members of cloudynights planetary imaging forum, and a nice couple.


High resolution: Christopher Go

More high resolution images and tidy website.


High resolution: Michael Phillips

I love his work all around. His collages are amazing.


High resolution animations

Amazing animations of Jupiter and the Sun.


Christophe Pellier blog

Nice articles and processing tips.


Piotr Malinski blog

I like his reviews of sensors and his sharp ideas.


Canary Islands timelapses

Among the best and most beatiful and inspiring timelapses I have ever seen.


PVOL (Planetary Virtual Observat. & Lab.)

Main international follow-up of amateur observations. Managed by university professors.




Palma Sky™ cleaning solution

After a long search, some time ago I came to a very good cleaning solution for my lenses and optical glass.








VEPA™ (Variable Eyepiece Projection Adapter)

In my search for a matched eyepiece to my telescope to do high resolution planetary pictures, I had to design a good projection adapter that now you can also benefit from.









Madrid Sky™ APOCHROMATIC H.R. Barlow

See review in the "HOW" section.



1) If you are not satisfied, return item(s) back to me in same condition as

    they arrived to you and you will be fully refunded (remember shipping

    costs are not refunded).

2) You have 30 days money back guarantee counting from the day stuff

     arrives at your door.

3) You have 5% discount when you buy outside of Ebay (I save in fees, you

    save in fees). Get in contact with me, as there can be higher discounts.

For out of Ebay orders, please contact:

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How to derotate long videos in Winjupos

Cloudynights forum thread.


Camera sensor review

Among the best to test camera sensors and take your decision.


DeTect project

Free planetary impact flash detection software.


High resolution challenges in the sky

Cloudynights forum thread.


Lroc (Lunar High Resolution Maps)

The best lunar data to check out.


Yes, NASA got to the moon

Objective proof of landing in the moon on 20th cent.


Lossless Video Codec for Windows / Mac

Among the best codec for lossless capture.


Astronomy calendar

I found this one very useful!


Weather Europe / Easy1 (Madrid)

Astronomy Weather Forecast in Madrid.


Weather Europe / Easy2 (Madrid)

Astronomy Weather Forecast in Madrid.


Weather Europe / Pro1 (Madrid)

The most complete maps for pros.


Weather Europe / Pro2 (Madrid)

Another option to get surface and 300mb maps.