How do I do what I do?


First off, because Someone gave me the passion and interest and resilience and ideas. Second, because of trial and error, failure and work... The "old" path I believe almost every entrepeneur has taken in order to get beatiful pictures of heavens or inventing anything. You will find most interesting the "optical tests" that I do from time to time using the slanted edge method and proper software. Some of the tests have been published in this website for the first time ever (before I kept them secret). Remember you can get here some of the winning hardware in these tests (see LINKS), which also help me with maintenance of this site.






 A 'New Approach' for testing optical trains 

This first eyepiece review was first published in Cloudynights forum (here). I did this microscope eyepiece review to get a good combo for my planetary telescope (eyepiece projection technique).












Barlow shootout through "slanted edge" testing method in high resolution enviroment... as compared with best 25mm eyepieces available for eyepiece projection technique

This long review was published on 30th July 2016 as a first in this website. I also sent it to other sites to see it published.




 How to know eyepiece focal length from indoors? 

First PDF document tells you how to do it. Excel document gives you the work done (just fill in the cells according to step-by-step instructions in Excel itself).








 How to deal with high resolution videos?  

How do I process my pictures and videos? In this document you will be able to see it. Not yet available, this could be a book in itself... time will tell. Stay tuned.












PDF: Full review

EXCEL: original data with resolution numbers


Processing videos

(*Not available yet*) 

PDF: Full review

EXCEL: Original data with resolution numbers

RAW IMAGES: on Google Drive (Bresser scope not included)


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